INFINITUM has held a working meeting in the Republic of Belarus

INFINITUM has held a working meeting with the representatives of the Central Depository, Ministry of Finance and leading banks in the Republic of Belarus

In February 2018, representatives of INFINITUM Asset Services had a working visit to the Central Depository of the Republic of Belarus.

During the meeting, they presented information on the role of specialized depositories in the Russian collective investment market. Vadim Burganov, Operations Director of INFINITUM Asset Services, explained the requirements to specialized depositories and their functions, while Lyudmila Korneeva, Deputy Director of the Special Depository Service Unit, described in detail the monitoring procedures and business processes of a asset services.

“We are always happy to share our experience and knowledge with our colleagues”, Vadim Burganov says. “The meeting was highly productive and useful for both parties. We talked about our collective investment market, the functions, role and position of a specialized depository in this industry, while our colleagues from Belarus explained the functions and peculiarities of their financial market. INFINITUM is one of six foreign depositories with an account at the Central Depository of Belarus, providing its customers access to the Belarussian securities market. Therefore, it is crucial for our company to have an in-depth knowledge of the market peculiarities and to develop partner relations with our colleagues from Belarus.”

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