PARTAD confirmed the INFINITUM’s highest depository reliability rating


The Foundation for Development of Financial Institutions – Infrastructure Institute (INFI) within the joint project with the Professional Association of Registrars, Transfer-Agents and Depositories (PARTAD) published the results of the depository reliability rating for 2016. INFINITUM Asset Services, JSC once again confirmed the highest reliability rating - AAA. In total 24 organizations participated in the annual rating of depositories.

INFI/PARTAD National Depository Rating is an assessment of the activity of depositories in terms of their reliability. The rating is calculated with the use of improved Methodology, which allowed taking into account the use of electronic document management technologies by depositories, the amount of insurance coverage under the depository liability insurance contract, as well as qualitative indicators, which characterize mechanisms of interaction between companies and the Central Depository. Following the results, organizations which participated in the rating were grouped according to the value of the scored rating points in the corresponding reliability groups of classes A (high reliability), B (sufficient reliability) and C (insufficient reliability). Reliability group members of classes "A" (AAA, AA and A) and "B" (BBB and BB) were presented as the rating results to be disclosed.

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