RAEX (Expert RA) confirmed the INFINITUM’s high reliability rating: the special depository was assigned a ruAA rating according to a new methodology


The RAEX (Expert RA) rating agency revised the reliability (long-term creditworthiness) rating of INFINITUM Asset Services, JSC according to a new methodology and assigned it a ruAA rating (which corresponds to A ++ rating according to the previously used scale). The stable rating outlook has been maintained. Previously, the company had an A++ rating with a stable outlook. Thus, INFINITUM confirmed its high reliability on the new rating scale.

We recall that INFINITUM was assigned a rating for the first time in 2012; then its rating was confirmed four times at А++: “Exceptionally high (highest) level of reliability (long-term creditworthiness)” with a stable outlook. The revision of the rating in June 2017 was due to a change in the methodology for assigning reliability ratings (long-term creditworthiness) to depositories, which has entered into force since May 2, 2017.

The key innovation in the RAEX methodology is the new rating scale. However, on the new scale our reliability level is still rated as high, as stated by Pavel Prass, the General Director of INFINITUM Asset Services, JSC. – For us, it is important that, when revising our rating, the agency’s analysts appreciated our consistent efforts to build a quality large-scale business with a conscious approach to management systems, close attention to risk management, certified software and full compliance with self-regulating organization standards. Along with the high financial indicators that traditionally characterize INFINITUM, this is evidence of the maturity of our business processes and the correctness of the chosen strategy.

According to the RAEX’ comment, “absence of debt load, low dependence of revenues on major clients and the high value of the capital to assets ratio (0.79 as at March 31, 2017) continue to have a positive impact on the rating”. In addition, the agency’s analysts positively assess the good quality of our financial investments (as at March 31, 2017, over 90% of financial investments are represented by investments in companies with a credit rating comparable to ruBBB+ and above on the RAEX (Expert RA) scale), our high profitability (return on equity for the period from March 31, 2016 to March 31, 2017 was 42.8%) and a significant scale of our business (as at March 31, 2017, the value of property recognized by the Company within the special depository activities amounted to 2,676 billion rubles).

The RAEX rating agency press release you can read by the link

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