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Fund Services

INFINITUM, an independent financial institution, is Russia’s largest infrastructure institution in the Russian pooled investment market. We provide services for our Russian clients which are similar to those found in the practice of international Fund Administrators. INFINITUM clients include private pension funds, management companies, mutual funds, government corporations, insurance companies, and banks. INFINITUM maintains relations with all necessary contractors in Russia and other countries: banks, central depositories, investment companies, auditors, appraisers, etc.

Custody Services

INFINITUM is a leading specialized depository, one of the largest and most technically advanced infrastructure institutions in the Russian collective investment market.

The mandatory existence of specialized depositories (SD) means that each of its mandatory clients (management companies, pension funds, insurance companies etc.) must choose one of specialized depositories and conclude a contract with it.

According to this contract, the SD client has to keep with the SD all owned securities and other assets. SD must oversee its client’s trades and its compliance with legal requirements.

SD must have securities account with foreign depository or custodian if its mandatory client wants to trade in foreign market.

Amidst changing conditions for interaction between participants in international markets, INFINITUM is open for cooperation with foreign partners, based on mutual support and respect for the interests of all parties.

INFINITUM is ready to support our clients’ international transactions and help foreign investors with their projects in Russia.


  • Assistance to the depositors during preparation and execution of orders
  • Consulting about circulation and accounting of the rights in securities in Russia and the CIS countries
  • Consultancy support concerning arrangements with Russian exchanges and the central depository