To whom this project may be interesting:

  • Foreign investors, asset management companies, financial and investment organizations interested in creating a Russian mutual fund
Issues resolved by the case / What client issues may be resolved

  • Financing projects and transactions on the Russian market
  • Attracting Russian and foreign investors (qualified investors)
  • Reducing risks of illegal takeover: preservation and security of business and assets

Advantages gained and expected results

  • Tax preferences (deferred income tax)
  • Absence of requirements to asset composition and profile
  • Payment, redemption of shares and payment of investment income in foreign currency without limitations and restrictions (to residents and non-residents)

Project implementation stages in association with INFINITUM

  • Stating project objectives and tasks
  • Developing the project implementation model and its adaptation to the objectives and tasks of business owners or investors
  • Choosing infrastructure: special depository, appraiser, auditor, insurance company, etc.
  • Creation of a ready-to-operate UK PIF (Mutual Fund Asset Management Company): complex follow-up support for creation and registration of a legal entity in the form of LLC (limited liability company), acquisition of a license for an asset management company for trust management of a mutual fund
  • Full outsourcing of asset management company's internal activities: HR record management and accounting, internal control and countering money laundering and financing of terrorism
  • Developing the Rules of Trust Management of the mutual fund and preparation of a set of documents for registration of the Rules of Trust Management of the mutual fund at the Bank of Russia
  • Creation of a mutual fund (up to 6 months)
  • Maintenance of mutual fund’s operations (back office outsourcing and other business processes)

Service Package

To implement this project LLC «INFINITUM Consulting» is ready to perform the following services:

  • Creation of a ready-to-operate combined mutual fund
    The service includes the creation of a mutual fund for the client's investment tasks, including consulting support for the creation of a mutual fund:
    • Developing a model for the mutual fund
    • Consultations regarding the operations
    • Preparation of necessary documents for the registration of the fund
    • Development of Rules of Trust Management
    • Consulting regarding the registration procedure for the mutual fund at the Bank of Russia / monitoring filing of documents to the Bank of Russia
  • Creation and licensing of a ready-to-go asset management company
  • Outsourcing of mutual fund formation works
  • Outsourcing of internal operations of the asset management company
  • Outsourcing of accounting and HR record management for the asset management company
  • Outsourcing of accounting and reporting for the mutual fund

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