Expert RA reiterates INFINITUM’s ruAA rating


Expert RA rating agency confirms reliability (long-term creditworthiness) ratings for INFINITUM Asset Services at ruAA level. Stable forecast is also preserved for the rating. INFINITUM received its first ratings of A++ “Exceptionally high (the highest) reliability (long-term creditworthiness) level” in 2012, with stable forecast, and was revised using new methodology at ruAA (corresponds to A++ using the old scale) in June 2017.

Expert RA commented on the company’s substantial business scale (the cost of property managed by the company under its special depository activity was around 3.6 trillion rubles as of 30 September 2018), extensive customer base (499 customers of the special depository as of 30 September 2018) and high quality and diversification levels. Adequate risk management (the company holds ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificates, information security management systems certified under ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international standard), highly reliable professional liability insurance backing the company operations and high-quality software used (including in-house development certified under PARTAD requirements) had positive impact on the ratings. High business profitability figures (return on equity between 30 September 2017 and 30 September 2018 was 53%), adequate liquidity figures, high reliability level of partner depositories and high investment quality (more than 80% of the company’s assets are invested in banks and issuer bonds with creditworthiness ratings of ruAA and higher under Expert RA scale, as of 30 September 2018) back up the rating.

The Agency’s press release is available at this link.

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