INFINITUM Leads Top Three in 2018 National Ranking of Specialized Depositaries

INFINITUM Asset Services leads the Top Three of the National Ranking of Specialized Depositaries in 2018. The results are presented as part of a joint project between PARTAD and Financial Studies Development Fund “Infrastructure Institute” (INFI).

The methodology used for rating specialized depositaries in 2018 has undergone major changes, which will mainly become apparent in future rankings. However, even now a number of indicators used in the calculations are no longer discrete, and dual ranking was applied to an expanded group of indicators reflecting personnel quality at specialized depositaries, which helps to smooth out peak-to-peak differences. Furthermore, in the future the weight of quantitative indicators in the rating will be reduced, respectively increasing the importance of indicators that reflect qualitative aspects of specialized depositary operations, including risk management and internal audit.

 In addition to the National Rating, INFI/PARTAD also prepared TOP 10 rankings of specialized depositaries. INFINITUM Asset Services tops the ranking in terms of value of property managed and clients served (3,614.7 billion rubles and 552 clients as at 31 December 2018).

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