INFINITUM representatives reelected to five PARTAD committees


The first meeting of the newly elected PARTAD Board of Directors took place on 25 January 2019. The attendees established the PARTAD Membership Committee and approved personal composition of PARTAD committees for years 2019-2020, including representatives of INFINITUM Company Group:

·         PARTAD Committee for Organizational and Legal Support of Accounting Institutions Operations – Karima Akbulatova, Deputy Managing Director of Internal Control, INFINITUM Asset Services;

·         PARTAD Committee for Pooled Investment Control – Lyudmila Korneeva, Deputy Chairman of Special Depository Service Unit, INFINITUM Asset Services;

·         PARTAD Committee for Internal Audit and Risk Management – Maria Dolgopolova, Deputy Managing Director, INFINITUM Asset Services;

·         PARTAD Committee for Regulatory Technologies and PARTAD Committee for Financial Technologies – Elena Alekseeva, Project Managing Director, INFINITUM Asset Services.

Please visit PARTAD website for more detail.

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