INFINITUM Tops National Specialized Depositories Ranking Again


In H1 2021, INFINITUM Asset Services once again hit the top of the National Ranking of Specialized Depositories. The depositories were ranked by the Professional Association of Registrars, Transfer Agents, and Depositories (PARTAD) (with the participation of the SRO NFA).

The H1 2021 National Ranking of Specialized Depositories is traditionally presented in the form of a table containing the key performance indicators of specialized depositories, on the basis of which the ranking was compiled. A specialized depository’s placement in the ranking was determined by the total score, calculated as the sum of rating points for all indicators.

In addition to the H1 2021 National ranking of specialized depositories, other rankings of specialized depositories were also compiled, where INFINITUM again ranked first by the value of controlled property, by the number of clients served and by the number of unit holder registers. It also ranked in the top 3 of specialized dedicated depositories in terms of total equity and insurance coverage.

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