Custody Services
Svetlana Sapronova
Svetlana Sapronova
Head of Depository Services
INFINITUM is experienced in working with international institutional investors, in developing and supporting investment projects through the Russian investment funds in Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Belorussia, Armenia, in Cyprus and other CIS countries.
INFINITUM is ready to be your point of entry into the security markets in the CIS countries.
Today, we are ready to provide the direct access for emitter’s security purchase in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia, in Kazakhstan through the services provided by the central securities depository of Russia.

  • Keeping and accounting securities of any kind commercially available in the CIS countries
  • Assisting in the qualification of foreign financial instruments as securities
  • Assisting in purchasing issuers’ securities in the CIS countries
  • Support of FOP operations
  • Corporate actions with foreign securities
  • Assisting in receiving tax exemption for foreign securities
  • Developing emerging markets to the benefit of customers