Custody Services
Svetlana Sapronova
Svetlana Sapronova
Head of Depository Services
INFINITUM is ready to be your point of entry into the Russian securites market. We have established relations with every major institutions and contractors in Russia: the regulator, central depository, banks, investment companies, auditors, appraisers, etc. This allows us to offer effective tools for solving every client’s business need.
  • Accounting and keeping any kind of securities, including stocks, shares, investment units, and foreign financial instruments
  • Certifying security titles
  • Registering as nominee holder for the client securities in the registered securities register, the mutual fund register, or in the senior depository
  • Daily reconciling security stock with the storage areas where nominee holder accounts are opened


  • Opening and keeping depository accounts
  • Managing depository account via the account operator
  • Conducting off-market transactions
  • Conducting securities transactions based on exchange trading results
  • Effecting encumbrance and disencumbrance of securities

Information services

  • Submitting consolidated report on depository account transactions
  • Providing instant reports on depository account transactions, and depository account statements
  • Sending requests to higher priority security storage areas for reports, and statements
  • Submitting reports, statements and information to third parties at the depositor’s request

Tax Support

  • Providing information to depositors regarding their right to use the preferential taxation of yield on securities
  • Exercising tax agent functions when transferring yield on securities
  • Assisting in realizing tax deduction and exemption from the taxation of yield on securities
  • Providing tax advice