Dear colleagues!

INFINITUM is open for cooperation with partners from different countries, based on mutual support and respect for all the parties’ interests.

Our goals today

  • Analysis of the current opportunities and obstacles for investing Russian institutional investors’ funds in the securities market

  • Ongoing exchange of information (via online meetings, webinars and conferences)

  • Participating in our clients’ projects with foreign partners – financial market participants and investors

To achieve this, we are ready to

  • Keep our clients motivated to invest in the markets of friendly countries.

Provide our partners with all the necessary information about the peculiarities of investing in Russia.

  • Participate in practical cooperation cases between financial organizations of our countries.
  • Support our Russian clients’ international transactions and help foreign investors with their projects in Russia.

Here you can get acquainted with the main macroeconomic indicators of the Russian Federation and important news of the financial sector of the country.